Our CSR Activities

Environment Day a CSR Activity by Siddha Group

A healthy home thrives better in a healthy environment. As designers and creators of happy homes, we are deeply conscious of our responsibilities towards our natural home, Planet Earth. The company focuses on contributions, participation, and implementation of social development projects in the fields of Education, Health and Environment Care. Our CSR activities add considerably to the core of Siddha. We have highly motivated CSR team.

Siddha Group CSR Policy

Eye Camp

Every year Siddha organizes 10 to 12 eye camps in and around Kolkata, where we reach out to nearly 3000 people. All these camps are in association with Sankara Nethralaya, Mission for Vision and local administration.

Swastha Shivir

To improve the quality of life of the labors working in the area of operations, SIDDHA Group as a part of CSR-Health Initiative organize preliminary Health Check-up Camp. More than 400 workers benefited with medical examinations as Doctor Consultation, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Blood Grouping, Pulse Rate, Spo2-Oxygen Saturation, Patients counseling & Awareness, ECG, Hemoglobin Tests , issuing of health Screening card & data analytics reports.

Life Skill Training Session

Life Skill Training Program (LSTP) is a multi-component tool addressing social, psychological, cognitive, and attitudinal factors associated with daily use of various substances. Since 2015, SIDDHA Group has initiated a series of Life Skill Training Programs (LSTP) designed especially for the labours working in the ongoing Siddha projects. The key objective of such a program is to bring in behavior change communication (BCC) among them to enhance the development of basic life skills, personal competence, and skills related to resistance to social influences that promote substance use. Hence, this is resulting into leading them towards a healthier and better life-style.

Anti Drugs Day Event

Starting February 2016, as a part of our corporate social responsibility, we organized Life Skill Training Sessions at SIDDHA EDEN LAKE VILLE. The participating labors attended this training session which was facilitated by Dr. Subrata Roy. The key objectives of this training session was to bring in behavior change communication (BCC) among them, resulting into leading them towards a healthier and better life-style.

Eye Camp, Rajarhat – 10 to 11th March, 2018

Siddha Foundation has organized a two days eye camp under its CSR initiative at Kashipore Kishore Bharati Vidyalaya, Bhangore, Rajarhat. Kashipore Community Development Foundation is the local organizer while Mission for Vision provides the technical assistance. In these two days (10-11th March 2018) total 542 patients have been screened.

Among total 542, 380 have been prescribed for spectacles which will be provided on 10th April 2018 and 59 have been suggested for cataract surgery, which will be taken place in Sankara Nethralaya, Rajarhat on 9th and 13th April 2018, and 97 patients are tested for diabetic retinopathy. These 97 patients will receive a report on 10th April 2018.

Health Screening Awareness Camp, Baruipur – 6th March 2018

Siddha Foundation has organized a health screening awareness camp, that offers a preliminary health check-up for construction workers at the project site. A checked and healthy worker is an asset and keeps the site, co-workers safe and risk-free.

This time, on 6th March 2018 the camp has been organized at Siddha Suburbia, Khasmallick, P.S. Baruipur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal 700145 in collaboration with CREDAI and iKure Techsoft Private Limited. In this camp, total 104 site workers have been screened. Doctor consultation, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Blood Grouping, Pulse Rate, SpO2 – Oxygen Saturation, Patient counselling & awareness, ECG for needy patients detected with heart ailments, Haemoglobin Tests (to check malnutrition, anaemia)- these are done in this camp.

Eye camp has been organized by Siddha Foundation at Ghola

Another eye camp has been organized by Siddha Foundation- CSR wing of Siddha Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. and Sankara Nethralaya, implemented by Agragati Vivekananda Seva Sangha on 31st March and 1st April 2018. In this two days eye camp, totally, 362 patients have been screened, out of which 201 patients are offered specs at free of cost- 51 specs have been provided on the spot and the rest of the specs will be handed over to the local organizer on 10th May 2018.  In this two days camp, 78 patients have been detected with cataract. This surgery will be taken place at Sankara Nethralaya, Mukundapur.

Eye Camp at Prafullanagar Boys’ High School, Belghoria

Siddha Foundation teamed up with Mission for Vision and Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural & Social Welfare Society for execution of an Eye Camp at Prafullanagar Boys’ High School, Belghoria, Kolkata- 700056 on 9-10th June 2018. In total, 368 patients were screened during this camp. Total 281 spectacles will be distributed at free of cost on 2nd July 2017 and 32 patients will be provided free cataract surgery which will be done at Sankara Netralaya, Rajarhat on 22nd June & 25th June 2018.

Shri Saugata Ray, Member of Parliament and Shri Tapas Roy, MLA of Barahanagar attended the camp.

Eye Camp at 87B, Cossipore Road, Kolkata 700002

Siddha Group, under its CSR initiative, Cossipore Prudential Youth Welfare Association organized a one day camp at 87B, Cossipore Road, Kolkata- 700002 on 1st July 2018. Technically, Mission for Vision and Sankara Netralaya supported the camp. 1st July is observed as National Doctors’ Day in India, so basically, Siddha Group supported this camp keeping in mind the significance of the day. In total, 251 patients have been screened in this camp out of which 174 will be getting their specs on 28th July, 2018. 12 patients were referred for cataract surgery which will be taken place on 13th July, 2018 at Sankara Netralaya, Rajarhat.

Eye camp at Emmanuel Church, Kestopur – 17th February 2019

On 17th of February2019 , Siddha Foundation organised a free eye camp at Emmanuel Church – Kestopur.. In partnership with Mission For Vision – a total number of 147 beneficiaries were treated in this camp. Out of these 147 persons , we would provide free spectacles to 81 people on 9th of March. Cataract operation towards 23 persons would be done in two batches – one on 8th and other on 11th March 2019. In this camp 24 people were screened for Diabetic Retinopathy.

Eye camp at Kashipore Kishore Bharati Vidyalaya – 30th and 31st, March 2019.

Siddha Foundation has organised a two day eye camp on 30th and 31st of March – at Kashipore Kishore Bharati Vidyalaya, in association
with Mission for vision.

In these two days , a total number of 405 beneficiaries were treated.

Camp Details
Total Patient Screened: 405
Total Male: 151
Total Female: 249

Eye camp near Barrackpore – 17th March 2019

This is to share with you that on 17th of March , Siddha Foundation has organised an eye camp at Shyamnagar Happy Day school, in association with Sankara
Nethralaya and Barrackpore Avenue Women’s Cultural Society.

Total number of 187 beneficiaries were treated in this camp.

Free spectacles would be given to 81 beneficiaries on 22nd of April 2019. Cataract Operation would be done in two batches – where 43 people would be
operated. 38 people were screened for diabetic retinopathy , who has gone through counselling during the camp and would receive the Fundus photo on 22nd of
April. Free medical advice was given to 25 beneficiaries.

Eye Camp at Cossipore

On first weekend of the year , Siddha Foundation organised an eye camp at Cossipore on 6th and 7th January – in association with CPYWA.

We have treated 417 persons on these two days , out of whom 348 people received free spectacles on 7th of February.

Cataract operation towards 43 persons were done in two batches – one on 17th January and second on 23rd of February 2019.
Remaining 26 beneficiaries received free eye check-up and medication advice. Senior citizens were also tested and counselled for Diabetic

Health Camp for Labours

A healthy worker contributes better to an Organization. Keeping this in mind, Siddha Foundation organised a health camp for the
Constructional Labours at Hapeville Project on 24th of January 2019. A total number of 117 labours were treated .

Free Spectacle Distribution at Emmanuel Church and Thakdari Village

On 9th March, free spectacles were distributed to 81 beneficiaries at Emmanuel Church. Fundus Photo for Diabetic Retinopathy were
distributed to 23 villagers, at a remote village named Thakdari.

Life Skill training for Siddha Labours

Since January , Siddha has conducted 9 training sessions for constructional labours on life skill aspects . These training are being held at
SELV , every Friday 5 PM onwards ( one Hour) where 20-25 site labours participate in batch. Dr Subrata Roy conducts the training
following a brief health check up.

Eye Camp at Briji – 9th June

Siddha Foundation has organised a one day eye camp at Briji Secondary School , Near E M Byepass- south , Garia Area on 9th of June – Sunday.

This camp was partnered by Help Us To Help You – a reputed local NGO and Sankara Nethralaya Hospital.

A total number of 211 beneficiaries accessed the camp, out of whom 86 people would receive free spectacles on 14th of July .

25 old people were detected with Cataract problem – who were operated at SNK Mukundapur Hospital on 12th of June .

Kamarhati Eye Camp on 16th of June 2019

On 16th of June 2019, Siddha Foundation organised an eye camp at Salimiya Madrasa at Kamarhati- Dunlop area. In this one day camp a total number of 185 patients were treated. On 8th August , free Spectacles would be distributed among 121 beneficiaries. 24 people would be operated for cataract problem in two batches, on 26th June and 4th July 2019.

Siddha Schools

Education is the backbone of every society in this world. But what matters the most is the quality education- a dream for many. Siddha Group fulfills their CSR responsibilities by concentrating on awarding merit scholarships for girls & boys to pursue higher education. Siddha partakes in CSR activities by providing free study materials to students. It has also adopted four schools Shri Gandhi Vidyalaya, Mukti Foundation, Chhatrachaya, and I care for Kids to provide proper education.

Women Empowerment Program with Karma Kutir

Women from socially and economically backward families face waves of troubles to keep their heads high. Creating independent earning
opportunity and training them on self defence – can surely bring tangible change in the scenario. Karmakutir organizes various vocational
training program for deprived women of society. Siddha Foundation support a crèche that runs for the kids of such women . On 26th of
February , a felicitation program was arranged for the pass outs of Embroidery , Beautician and Taekwondo courses. Most of the women
of beautician course have been placed in jobs , whereas all the women of embroidery course started earning through orders given by
Karma Kutir.

Anti Plastic Awareness Campaign

Ubiquitous use of Plastic /Poly Bags have adversely affected the natural resources and environment of our country in direct & indirect ways. In spite of their multiple beneficial utilities from the aspects of consumers, they are causing huge pollution, and irreparable damage to the environment.

Considering 4 R’s of Waste Management Tool – ie : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover – SIDDHA-CSR has launched an Environment Protective Measure (“Refuse Poly Bag” ) since 2014 .

On the day of Kalpataru Utsav- 1st January 2017, SIDDHA Group in association with CPYWA carried out this initiative by conducting poly bag exchange program with the devotees at Udyan Bati, Cossipore, North Kolkata. During the day 25000 Eco-Friendly Bags were distributed and equivalent number of plastic bags were collected from the devotees who were carrying worshiping articles in plastic bags. Later these collected Plastic materials got disposed through KMC.

School Plantation Program

Siddha Group organizes a series of plantation programs in different formal & non-formal schools in & around Kolkata. Prime objective of this program is to increase environmental awareness among the students, enrich greenery that’s getting extinct, fight against hunger that’s increasing day by day & improving oxygen that’s getting intoxicated in ubiquitous way. Following are some of the recent school plantation activities:

  1. Planted 600 more saplings in Kestopur Child Development Centre (KCDC), Emmanual Church, Kestopur.
  2. Distributed 2000 saplings amongst the school children of Kashipore Kishore Bharati Vidyalaya, Bhangar, Rajarhat.
  3. Planted 200 more fruit & non-fruit bearing saplings at OXFORD MISSION, Behala.
  4. Planted 50 fruit bearing saplings at Avenue Women’s Cultural & Social Welfare Society.
  5. Planted 40 non-fruit bearing trees in Sanat Roy Chowdhury Institution, Tangra, Kolkata.
  6. Distributed 1000 Fruit & Non-fruit bearing saplings amongst the school children in Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra.


Recently our environment was struck by Dengue and it was spreading its wings very fast.

We as a responsible real estate group felt that we can fight out dengue and every individual can play a crucial role in the drive. We, as a part of our CSR initiative, tried to spread awareness against dengue. We started the campaign as a contest and requested the participating teams to clean their surrounding. The response was overwhelming.

On Road Plantation

  • B.T.Road Plantation: With the great effort of SIDDHA-Team, well supported by six municipalities Barahnagar-Kamarhati-Panihati,-Khardah-Titagarh-Brrackpore and in association with Cossipore Prudential Youth welfare Association(CPYWA) Siddha has planted 1250 trees on both sides of B T Road – from Tala to Barrackpore. This initiative was kicked off on 26th July 2015 and concluded on 9th October 2015.
  • Alipore Road Plantation: In this endeavor, as a part of the series of green initiatives for the year 2016, we have planted 200 trees at Alipore Road, Kolkata.

‘Be Selfish’ Initiative On World Environment Day

We celebrated World Environment Day with a drive on Water Conservation as a part of our ‘Be Selfish’ initiative. On the eve of the World Environment Day we commenced our month – long initiative on water conservation – “Do Your Bit; Save Water”, as a part of our “Be Selfish” initiative. Shri Sovan Chatterjee, Honourable Mayor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Minister in charge, Fire & Emergency Services, Housing and Environment, Shri Debasish Kumar, MMIC, Parks & Squares, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Smt Debolina Biswas, Councillor – Ward no 74, Ms Arunima Ghosh, noted tollywood actress & Mr Sanjay Jain, Managing Director, Siddha Group were present for the occasion at Agri Horticultural Garden, Alipore.

Anti Plastic awareness campaign

On 1st of January, Siddha Foundation partnered an environment awareness campaign at Cossipore, Uddyanbati area. On this day , more
than 2 lakhs devotees of Sri Ramakrishna come to this area to pay reverence . they carry plenty of plastic bags ( Flowers and other
offerings) and throw them abundantly on roads and along the banks of River Ganges. CPYWA in association of Siddha Foundation runs an
anti-plastic camp at this area. New bags ( bio-degradable) are given to the devotees and their plastic bags are taken back in return. Next
day, these heaps of plastic gets disposed through solid waste management system of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.


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